Welcome 2 Ann Arbor

  • We began simply, to create playfully colorful greeting cards that would make our Ann Arbor friends smile. Today, we've grown to offer art prints and tee shirts, produce a webcomic, and to feature unique Ann Arbor themed products from a few of our friends. Each product is designed to show your family, friends and neighbors how much you care, AND that you're the most incredibly creative and thoughtful gift giver alive! 

  • Our team members are guided by our company pillars of humor, encouragement, and imagination; and our core business focus is the celebration of the indefinable essence of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  • In service to our pillars, we've created a visually enchanting online shopping experience as an affectionate reflection of Ann Arbor's idyllic charm. And while we certainly hope you find something you like so much you add it to your cart, our much bigger wish is that you visit our site again and again to smile, stroll down our streets, and enjoy a whimsical journey through our daydreams, and then delight in a few of your own.